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TeloSizer® is the novel assay based on molecular combing and physical telomere analysis. The power of the single telomere detection enables TeloSizer® to have a great precision being the first method to give full information of telomere lenghtening. TeloSizer® easily distinguish True Telomere Sequences (TTS) from Interstitial Telomere Signals (ITS), and gives measurements to allow the diseases stratification and precise telomere sizing.

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Telomere condition 

Telomere length is linked to varied epidemiological factors and a precise measurement of telomere condition can bring important insights in disease management.
Factors that impact the stability of telomeres can result in shorter telomere ends which can contribute to genomic instability. Telomere condition is linked to the onset of genomic diseases such as:

  1. Cancer: telomere elongation is observed in some cancers causing genomic instability by introducing Interstitial Telomere Sequences (ITS).
  2. Neurological disorders: telomere shortening in neurons is linked with loss of neuronal function(s).
  3. Age related conditions: shortening of telomeres often contributes to loss of functions in specific cell types/tissues.

Telomere maintenance and shortening events

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