FiberSmart® is the next generation of analysis software for Replication Combing Assay.

FiberSmart® provides a deeper view of the replication parameters with automated and fast analysis.

FiberSmart® supports data from FiberVision® family’s scanners. FiberSmart ® provides a significant improvement in terms of image reconstruction quality compared to existing software, offering improved resolution of single-molecule DNA structures.

FiberSmart® has a simple, ergonomic, intuitive, and friendly interface.

FiberSmart® allows:

•  Fully automated analysis where the signals are detected and classified according to replication assay patterns.
•  Comparison of multiple groups of samples to highlight and quantify the difference between samples.
•  Automated interactive report generation
•  Visualization of main replication parameters including IOD/ITD

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Report extract: IOD/ITD graphs